Fun-draiser this weekend

Won’t you come out to support us this Saturday, Feb 8 at a spectacular FUNdraising event? Rogue Tattoo is hosting an all-day party just for us.

From 1pm to 1am, pay a $10 cover and get all-you-can-drink PBR and Fireball, plus $23 tattoos and half-price piercings! All proceeds go to S’Cream! Craft Creamery! Other fun stuff includes a 50/50 raffle, Mario Kart on the big-screen projector, photo booth, art sale, and more Fireball!

Come on down to Rogue Tattoo at 4417 Butler Street to make a contribution. We’ll even have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and farmer’s market bags on sale with the S’Cream! logo.

Oh and don’t forget, free samples!

Gelato Test Kitchen #1

Strawberry!!! <3

DeLonghi GM6000

So we’re a little late on this post and will have Test Kitchen #2 in a few days… Until we have our equipment, we’re trying out flavors on a DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker with Self-Refrigerating Compressor. It’s small capacity but allows use to go from batch to batch in a matter of minutes without needing to refreeze components. One advantage of the small batches is that we can use part of our mix and then taste and adjust before making the next one.


Store-bought pasteurized milk = crystals.

One of the disadvantages we face is textural – nothing compares to the smooth and creamy results we get from the batch freezer. We also used pasteurized milk and ended up with some serious crystallization, but that didn’t affect our ability to evaluate the flavor profiles.


By request, our first flavor was simple strawberry. This started the seeds-or-no-seeds debate, so we spit the difference (get it?! Cuz seeds make you spit?) and strained out the big seeds, but left enough seed-flecks to prove that it was natural. The strawberry flavor was explosive! Next time we make Strawberry gelato, we will prepare two or three recipes and see which is the most popular.

Salted Honey (turned Honeyed Vanilla Cinnamon)

Come on Jill, Stop Yolking around!!!

Come on Jill, Stop Yolking around!!!

This was our most highly anticipated test flavor, and Sarah came prepared with a nice Sage honey and some fancy Himalayan sea salt. After several adjustments we found a balance that was pleasing but not knock-your-socks-off. Unfortunately, we later learned that next-day Salted Honey gelato has an amplified salt flavor that tasted a bit like table salt.

Luckily, we saved some of the Salted Honey base and made some adjustments for a new test group (aka, whoever happened to be at New Amsterdam that day). After kicking up the sweetness and adding vanilla and a bit of cinnamon, this flavor is a star. Tasters were wildly impressed with the re-invented flavor. The salt took backstage to the enhanced honey flavor, and many claimed that this should be our signature flavor! We’ll see about that… But definitely a keeper!

Banana Caramel Pecan

Without question the most popular flavor of Test Kitchen #1, we used fresh bananas, cajeta caramel and candied pecans. What else do I need to say? Yum!!

For our leftover base we were out of pecans and instead candied some nutty trail mix (why not?) that was chock full pepitas and cashews. FAIL. But hey, anything with bananas makes people happy so it wasn’t a total loss!

What flavors do you want to see us make next? (I know CHOCOLATE, okay okay) Tell us what you like in the comments and we just might invite you to our next tasting!


Home! Sweet, Home!!

This is really happening, people!! We’re so freaking excited to have this beautiful spot for Lawrenceville’s yummy treat factory of goodness! Aka, S’cream!!

Located caddy-corner to Arsenal Lanes, two blocks from the soon to open movie theater, a tumble down the hill from Children’s, and walking distance from, well, everything, it’s going to be epic!

The building has been immaculately maintained. It has the original tin ceilings, a clean, dry basement, and tons of space. We are truly blessed and couldn’t be more grateful to the owner for having faith in us and supporting our venture!


Say “S’cream!!”

My big branding idea for S’cream is to have a super awesome photo booth where guests can take pics of themselves enjoying gelato, and then share those photos with friends.

Well, I just found some software that is going to let us do that! We’d set up a webcam and mount a tablet on the wall or in a kiosk and then anyone can smile and say, “S’cream!” and have the photo sent to their Facebook, Instagram, or they can print out a hard copy on the spot!

I love this idea. I can’t wait to see everyone’s shots! If you love this idea too, consider clicking on the link in the sidebar, won’t you?

50 Shades of Vanilla

When did everyone stop being so vanilla about their vanilla? You’d think the easiest, most basic flavor we could make is vanilla, right? Nopers. People are as discerning about their vanillas as they are about their chocolates. That is, they are now, thanks to some fancy marketing and more evolved palates.

I’ve taken to asking people, “what’s your favorite flavor?” When the answer is vanilla, it’s never just vanilla. Vanilla Bean, Mexican Vanilla, Aztec Vanilla, Vanilla Cake Batter, Sweet Cream (not vanilla!), French Vanilla, Vanilla on a Stick, Shrimp and Vanillas… well, you get the point!

I’m a pretty big fan of vanillas, so it’s going to take some effort for us to decide which vanilla is right for us. Tell us how you feel about vanilla in the comments, please!

This is my brain on gelato!

Is it gelato or ice cream?

Today my mom asked me the question we’ve been getting pretty regularly.

So, is what you’re making gelato or ice cream?

The short answer is both. Technically, gelato and ice cream are pretty darn similar. Ice cream usually has eggs (custard); ice milk doesn’t (DQ). Gelato usually doesn’t have eggs, either, but it’s not much like ice milk.

In a sense we’re making gelato-style ice cream. It is made with cream and/or milk but it uses a special slow-mix freezing process that incorporates less air into the product. Regular ‘ice cream’ can be comprised of as much as 90% air, but gelato is more like 25% air. This results in a richer, more ‘real’ taste. It is also served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream, which contributes to the flavors being more defined, and the consistency softer. Gelato needs to be eaten within two days of making it so it should always be prepared fresh daily, unlike ice cream which can be frozen for long periods of time. If you freeze gelato too long it will become gummy and shiny. It usually doesn’t have mix-ins like ice cream does, either.

We’re also making sorbetto, which can be made with or without dairy, but usually without. The sorbetto in its liquid state can be poured into popsicle molds and frozen. This eliminates the step that mixes in air so the popsicle is closer to ice consistency than its fluffy sorbetto cousin.
Have you tasted the difference between ice cream and gelato? How would you describe it?

Location, Location

One of the biggest challenges is finding the perfect location. We really want to stay in Central Lawrenceville, close to the bowling alley and the new movie theater (and home for me!). When this journey started, we thought we had secured 4417 Butler Street, right next to Rogue Tattoo. But unfortunately that didn’t happen.

We’ve had several other options that are fantastic but way too expensive. Our latest leads are the Neon Shop on 44th and the re-build on the corner of 42nd and Butler. Either location would be fantastic!

Let us know where you think we should plant our feet! We welcome any ideas or suggestions.

Hello Lawrenceville!

s’Cream Craft Creamery is a confectionery shop specializing in hand-made gelato. We’re planning to open in the Central Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh in 2014.

Inspired by Lawrenceville’s unique sidewalk culture, artisan history, and enthusiasm for locally sourced goods, the creamery will be a sophisticated and family-friendly handcrafted ice cream shop – a refreshing complement to the many bars and dinner spots we are welcoming to the Lawrenceville neighborhood.

The store will be managed and directed by Jill Shaheen and Sarah Ellis.

Jill  is a lifetime Pittsburgher and Lawrenceville homeowner who is passionate about her community. She has over 12 years of foodservice experience (including a stint as a local food blogger) with seven years of professional marketing management experience.

Sarah has been in the hospitality industry for 17 years, and bartending in Lawrenceville for the last five. She loves being part of the new growth and life that has been brought into the neighborhood and is looking forward to the continued expansion and being part of the positive vibe it brings.

As business owners, we value product integrity, superior customer service, local responsibility, and integrity of design. We plan to design the shop with a nod to Lawrenceville’s historical story, integrating nostalgia, whimsy, sophistication and industry, and, of course, leveraging the rich and diverse selection of local designers and suppliers in Lawrenceville and surrounding communities.

Stay tuned to this page for updates on our progress! We’ll keep you up to date with boring trademarking and licensing issues and the frenzy of design and construction – but best of all, flavor development (ice cream parties!!).

We can’t wait to hear your ideas and suggestions, so please leave a comment or drop us an email at yum! Stay cool!

Pittsburgh Craft Gelato Lawrenceville, 2014